Getting Started

Playtest Co-op needs games to function! Those games live on There are a few steps to follow to get your game on the Playtest Co-op so you can start collecting feedback.

  1. Create an account on
  2. Sign in to Playtest Co-op.
  3. Create a new game! To opt-in to the Playtest Co-op, you'll need to...
    • Ensure that it is a Physical Game.
    • Has the tag Playtest Co-op.
    • Has files to download (hard to print-and-play without them!)
    • Has a header image.
    • Has a description.
  4. After your game shows up on this page, Playtest Co-op will check periodically for updates and automatically import it. If your game isn't showing up or changes aren't coming through, ping me!

Community Guidelines

In order to foster an equitable, safe, and productive community, Playtest Co-op users must operate under these guidelines. Pleave view the Terms of Service for a complete look at what Playtest Co-op is legally enforcing. In short:

  • Don't post any material that is hateful or harmful.
  • Don't harass other users.
  • Don't post any material that doesn't belong to you.

Reporting bad behavior

If you see anything on this site or that violates the community guidelines or terms of service, please report it. If the offending material is on, please use the "Report" button directly on the game page.